Leadership Team


Jackie Becher – Executive Principal

Jackie holds a double degree from Edith Cowan University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education in 2002 and Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education in 1992. She has more than 22 years’ experience in education, teaching at various school levels from nursery to kindergartens and had held leadership positions for more than 8 years. Jackie hails from Perth, Australia.

We believe each child has their own story to tell, their own dreams to share, their own gifts to unwrap and develop. We see learning like a story. It has many parts, people, settings and story lines. There are conflicts and challenges. There are appropriate resolutions. Your child needs time and specifically designed spaces to explore his or her story, dreams and gifts. We pride ourselves on the open, honest and positive relationship between the Pre-school and the family of each child, to ensure that we are all working together and in each child’s best interests. We take the responsibility you have placed in us for caring and educating your child seriously and are deeply committed to our work. At EtonHouse Tokyo, your child is most important to us and we are committed to making school a place children and families want to be and cherish. Children come first in all our decision making ensuring each child receives the best possible educational experience.

Dr. Junko Cancemi – Curriculum Advisor

Her engagement in the field of Early Childhood Education in an international school context spans 30 years in Japan, with work experiences in both teaching and leadership roles. She received her Doctorate of Education, EdD from the University of Bath, UK. Her research interest rests with how children learn from a social constructivist perspective with an unyielding belief in the capabilities of young children. She continues to seek and to be inspired by the fresh outlook of the minds and messages of children, and how they might help adults to reframe “worlds” and “words” to construct spaces for learning for speakers of every conceivable language and for each encounter across the life span.

Regina Lee – Curriculum Coordinator

Originally from Indonesia and bred in Australia, Regina grew up in a trilingual environment. She believes in the importance of picking up one or more foreign languages from early age as it helps develop cognitive skills and helps brain development. As an educator with more than 10 years of experience, she has a strong belief that teachers are lifelong learners and we can always learn from people of all ages including young children.

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